Dr. Ashwaq Al Alolayan

March 2009 – present
Working as Section head in the Division Of Adult Medical Oncology and Fellowship
Director in King Abdulaziz Medical City/King Abdullah Specialized Childrens Hospital,
Ministry of National Guard-Health Affairs, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Since I join the institution in July 2009, I have achieved the following:
 Reviewing and creating Clinical Practice Guidelines for Adult Oncology
 Member of Thoracic and Gastroenterology group in setting national
 Co-Chair in Gastrointestinal Multi-Disciplinary Tumor Board
 Fellowship Director of Medical Oncology Fellowship Program
 Director of MENA NCCN guidelines
 Block Coordinator Of Oncology Block of the Female Student at King Saud
University since 2013.
 Clinical skills:
 Lumber puncture
 Abdominal paracentesis
 Arthrocentesis
 Pleural tap & biopsy
 Placing chest tube
 Percutaneous tracheostomy
 Bronchoscopy in intubated patients
 Bone marrow aspirate & biopsy
 Central lines
 Swan-Ganz catheter insertion
 Endotracheal Intubations
 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
 Jul 2007-Jun 2009
Completed my Medical Oncology Fellowship Training in McMaster University (Canada)
Training includes:
 2 months rotation in each subspecialty of medical oncology
 Multidisciplinary clinics and meetings
 3 months Radiation Oncology
 3 months of Clinical Hematology
 2 months Inpatient surface
 1 month Palliative Medicine
 5 months of elective and selective focusing in Lung and Gastroenterology
 Longitudinal clinic was for 18 months focus in GI Oncology
 Mar 2006- Jun 2007
Worked as Oncology Fellow in Cancer Center King Fahad National Guard Hospital.
 Oct 2005 –Feb 2006
Worked In CTU as Senior Staff (Board eligible) in Internal Medicine.
 Oct 2001- Sept 2004
Worked as resident in Internal medicine.

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